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Welcome at Physical Lab! 


Physical Lab is your source for all demands in the audio industry. Our young, innovative and highly motivated team is specialized in the fields of product testing, acoustic engineering, mechanical engineering, electronics engineering, driver and crossover design and industrial design.

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Nov 06, 2018


Working on a unique switch box for loudspeaker or amplifier blind tests for studios, test magazines, scientific education or hifi enthusiasts.


Sep 30, 2018


Working on a analog parametric low frequency room correction eq system for hifi enthusiasts! Stay tuned!


Jan 17, 2018:


Working on a new LF280 Filter replacement. More on this soon!


Jan 9, 2018:


Ultra Reference Amplifier available. First units shipped out.


Dec 18, 2017:


Additional features added to the Ultra Reference Amplifier.


Oct 10, 2017:


New ultra-precision reference measurement amplifier with current sense function will be released soon!


Sep 10, 2017:


New miniature measurement amplifiers available!


Sep 02, 2017:


The IMP-Box and the ISO-Box is available!


Jun 23, 2017:


New products will be released soon! Pre orders are accepted. Pay when ready to ship!


Feb 10, 2017:


Several new products coming soon!


Nov 25, 2016:


Chris N. Strahm, founder and President of LinearX, passed away on Nov 25, 2016, of natural causes. His unbelievable knowledge of electronics, software and acoustics was outstanding! Chris was one of the guys who changed a whole industry. Even after many years LMS and LEAP are still industry standard products and both are used intensely.


R.I.P Chris N. Strahm   ;   We will miss you as a business partner and a good friend!


If you need special assistance or support regarding LinearX products, please fell free and contact us! You can download LinearX software and updates on our homepage!