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-Analog & Digital Filter Design


FilterShop begins where SPICE leaves off.  Whereas SPICE is an analysis tool on a micro level, FilterShop is a true design tool on a system macro level.  FilterShop was created from the ground up to handle the unique requirements of filter design, and provides a wealth of features not found in any other program.


Featuring a proprietary circuit simulation engine, advanced components for mixed analog/digital design, and a massive target generation system - FilterShop represents a new level of power and sophistication for the design and analysis of analog / digital filters.  Here's a few highlights:




• Proprietary AC Circuit Simulator with full graphical schematic entry/editing

• Three powerful Target/Circuit optimization engines

• Optimization with weighting and curve or max/min constraints

• True circuit Synthesis with over 500 predefined circuits with built in design equations

• Elegant AC circuit design and modeling without the clutter of DC biasing circuitry

• Efficient Opamp model for fast analysis & accurate noise with over 1,200 models

• Specialized mixed signal components including FDNRs, FIR/IIR filters, Z-Imp, Pots

• Target generation system for complex ideal mixed analog/digital transfer functions

• Extensive analog filter wizards for any Allpole/Elliptic filters up to 32 poles/zeros

• Three dozen FIR/IIR digital filter wizards and methods for linear/min/max phase

• Extensive Processing features MonteCarlo, Thermal, Noise, Potentiometer analysis

• Powerful Utilities for data Import/Export, Graphics, Curve Capture, Curve Edit/Entry

• Three volume manual set comprising 1,200 pages of documentation






 Important: If you want to use LEAP5 with Win7 or Win8 you will have to run it in a emulated WinXP mode!



Design Examples:

 - Linear Phase 8th Order Elliptic Lowpass

 - Digital Audio Parametric Equalizer

 - Analog Audio Passive Crossover

 - Analog Audio Active Crossover

 - Digital Audio IIR Crossover

 - Digital Audio FIR Crossover

 - Analog Passive RLC with Loss Optimization